Google updates Chrome to address critical vulnerabilities

Releases new stable build of Chrome; maintenance update to address several security vulnerabilities.

Google has released a stable channel update for Chrome, updating it to version 11.0.696.71. This maintenance and security patch deals with four security vulnerabilities, one being a high-rated vulnerability and two critical, on the critical vulnerabilities and exposure (CVE) list.

The Chrome update fixes a high risk vulnerability that causes ‘stale pointers in floats rendering’. In addition, it also fixes two critical vulnerabilities; one causing ‘memory corruption in the GPU command buffer’ and the other related to ‘out-of-bounds write in blob handling.’

Google has also fixed several bugs in this stable channel update. This includes a fix for a bug while using, where extended selection using arrow keys flickers. The latest version is available for download at the Chrome Website, and existing users can update using Chrome’s built-in update utility.

Google is withholding further details of these vulnerabilities until a majority of Chrome users are up-to-date with the latest version. More information can be found on the Google Chrome releases blog.

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