Oracle BI at TOPSGRUP aids intelligent resource allocation

Oracle BI at TOPSGRUP helps the company to manage its human resources efficiently. Oracle BI also helps the company save 30% operating costs.

One of India’s largest security solutions providers with over 1,00,000 employees across 10 companies, TOPSGRUP offers a bouquet of enterprise risk management services. This includes manned guarding, investigations, electronic security integration, cash management, facility management, advanced training and consultancy, and emergency response services like TOPSLINE 1252 and Tops Air Rescue.

TOPSGRUP has a policy that a security guard should be made to work only for eight hours every day to maintain optimal service quality. In 2008, the group expanded its global presence by acquiring companies in UK and India; this resulted in an exponential growth in its customer-base. It became visible within a couple of years that fulfilling the service expectations of old and new customers was placing immense pressure on TOPGRUP’s manpower resources.

“Clearly, our existing system was unable to handle resource allocation effectively; it needed some intelligence. Oracle BI has been crucial for this,” recalls Ramesh Mankad, Country Head and Owner - IT at TOPSGRUP.

To ensure that service quality was not affected and to gain better management control over all enterprise processes, TOPSGRUP deployed Oracle Fusion Middleware Suite in mid-2010. A part of the offering, Oracle BI, was meant to address the specific need of intelligent resource allocation to maintain optimal service quality. The Oracle BPEL Process Manager accumulated the various departments into an end-to-end process while, Oracle Business Activity Monitoring helped business executives to generate dynamic reports.

TOPSGRUP had implemented JDE ERP for automation of accounts and billing in 2008-09, the same year when it expanded its operations through acquisitions. The implementation of Oracle Fusion Middleware was carried out to further the benefits of automation, including improved management controls, intelligence, and visibility of all enterprise processes.

With adoption of Oracle BI, TOPSGRUP has managed to save its overall costs by 30%


Deployment process

The decision to deploy Oracle Fusion Middleware including Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Oracle BPEL Process Manager (Oracle BI) was taken following a user feedback exercise. Users stressed on the need for a middleware suite to integrate all the enterprise processes and systems.

After the initial evaluation, the group deployed the suite including Oracle BI as a proof of concept (PoC) at TOPSGRUP Security and TOPSGRUP Emergency Response Delivery Solutions. The PoC involved customization of the solution to suit the company’s specific business needs. Mankad informs that most of the issues were resolved at the PoC level itself.


Oracle BI: Raison d'être

The rapid growth in customer-base had left the management distraught with anxiety over the anticipated difficulty in meeting service requirements. It was found that Oracle BI could aid by predicting demand for advanced recruitment planning.

  1. Another issue needed to be addressed was misappropriation of funds. Mankad cites an example: “We charge Rs 500 as fees for sending our guards for training. In a few cases it was noticed that the number of guards at the camp venue exceeded the total number of registrations we had received.” TOPSGRUP, thus, wanted a solution like Oracle BI that could eliminate all possibilities of misappropriation of funds by issuing advance warnings.
  2. The JDE ERP deployed earlier provided only the standardized reports; it lacked predictive intelligence. Moreover, the process of report generation was time consuming. Oracle BI, it was found, was able to generate reports as defined by users.
  3. Since most of the other systems running in the organization were Oracle products, deploying Oracle BI seemed like the next logical step. Oracle BI, being part of Oracle Fusion Middleware Suite, could quickly source data from multiple databases including the financial data.
  4. Being part of Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle BI could dynamically generate reports without compromising on tight information security policies.
  5. Oracle Fusion Middleware was to be deployed by Accel Frontline, the same partner that had earlier deployed JDE ERP. The vendor (Oracle) and the implementation partner (Accel) were also retained because they understood the TOPSGRUP’s business needs and had technology and deployment expertise.


Tackling user resistance

The user resistance to change was tackled in multiple ways. Firstly, the management identified and appointed solution champions to spread user awareness and expedite adoption across 10 group companies. HR department conducted employee meetings and convinced them that adoption of Oracle Fusion Middleware along with Oracle BI would reduce their work load.

“HR showed the employees that a successful adoption would ensure that everyone could go home early. The message worked,” chuckles Mankad.

Training of key users was another important initiative that speeded up the adoption. The business users were taught to generate reports using Oracle BI, ad hoc queries, and MIS reports. The company also offered functional training to general users to read the reports and to use the information contained therein.

At another level, functional training was given to general users on reading the reports and using the data from business use.

And finally, the top-down approach ensured that all users fell in line with the company policy.


Benefits of Oracle BI

  • All the six preset objectives (as stated earlier in this article) were achieved by Oracle BI’s deployment.
  • With adoption of Oracle BI, TOPSGRUP has managed to save its overall costs by 30%.
  • Oracle BI reduced time and effort involved in generating reports by integrating the BI processes in 10 group companies. This helps the group to position itself as the one-stop-shop for all security needs.


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