EMC sets the date to unify Clariion, Celerra, with new VNX

Speculation is mounting that EMC will launch a new unified storage device on January 19th, with “VNX” the favoured name.

An EMC source has informed SearchStorage ANZ that the company has pre-briefed resellers and other stakeholders about its long-anticipated unified storage systems, and is also leaking details of the products to select media and analysts.

One beneficiary of this approach may have been UK website The Register, which has details of the new range and says it will comprise five products and be called “VNX”. 

EMC is certainly planning something for January 19th, Australian time. SearchStorage ANZ was invited to a Singapore event on the date (but is unable to attend). The company has also created a microsite at which it promises a “record breaking” announcement. EMC is also promoting the date heavily on Twitter, using the hashtag #emcbreaksrecords.

Speculation about consolidation of the Celerra and Clariion date back close to a year, and this line of thinking was confirmed by EMC CEO Joe Tucci in an April 2010 earnings call.

NetApp has already condemned the launch, based on the available details, saying that “EMC sales teams have been pushing this in the field for at least the past month ...” and pouring doubt on EMC’s claims of performance as a differentiator with a comment from blogger Mike Riley that “I don't believe that's what EMC will really sell ... I think EMC will use the performance headlines to get more meetings, but once in the meeting will zero in on simplicity of management.”

SearchStorage ANZ cannot comment on the accuracy of NetApp's prediction, but does believe the inclusion of the letter "V" makes it likely EMC will emphasise VMware integration for the new devices.

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