Infrastructure consolidation at Angel Broking in 2011-12

Angel Broking plans to consolidate its data center infrastructure, and reduce infrastructure complexity through consolidation

Retail broking company Angel Broking plans to undertake infrastructure consolidation in 2011-12.

The company has 6,000 employees in 170 branches, plus a network of 9,500 sub-brokers in 950 towns. It has 15 data centers that support this widespread network.

To start with, Angel will consolidate its data center infrastructure, informs the company’s chief information officer Ketan Shah. Angel will reduce the total number of its data centers to eight. The data centers in the top eight Indian metros will be retained, while the rest will be shut as the first step of the infrastructure consolidation exercise.

According to Shah, the infrastructure consolidation is the result of the changing habits of retail investors. “During the past few years, more and more of our customers have started using the Internet as their primary medium to book orders. Having a centralized, consolidated infrastructure can best address such changing trends,” Shah explains.

He says that the existing data center infrastructure was created and augmented as and when Angel’s business expanded in different regions. “Since those investments were made based on the appetite for technology that every region had, the infrastructure as it stands today has disparate systems and platforms, and therefore requires consolidation.”

Soon after the infrastructure consolidation is complete, Angel Broking will look at deploying a disaster recovery management solution. For this, it is in talks with providers such as Tata Communications (VSNL) and Reliance Communications.

Besides infrastructure consolidation, the other projects that Angel Broking will undertake next year include a Business Intelligence upgrade and the establishment of security policies and procedures.

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