Storage blog roundup returns, with IBM vs. EMC, NetApp and Oracle

It's back! Our regular storage blog roundup returns, with a look at how storage and infrastructure bloggers have reacted to the 3Par acquisition, VMworld 2010 and other recent events.

We’re back!

Over the last couple of months SearchStorage Australia/New Zealand has moved onto the content management system. That’s taken a lot of work and a fair bit of our bandwidth. It also means a focus on a slightly different sort of content*, but we like the column so we’re back and will now do it monthly.

So ... what’s been happening out there in storage-and-infrastructure blog-land?

Well ... of course there was the whole Dell/HP/3Par thing, the NFS lawsuit thing and VMworld.

The blogosphere was quite quiet on 3Par, although the “rumoursphere” was not. Consenus opinion at VMworld was that HP bought the company because it is wayyyyyy behind on EVA development. HP’s own StorageGuy Calvin Zito quashed that one, telling your correspondent that HP will happily discuss two generations of EVA under NDA should you be inclined to sign one – or if HP deems you worthy of being offered that kind of discussion.

VMworld 2010 has, of course, scared up posts galore.

We like this NetApp post best, as it links to a video of the Storage Superheavyweight Challenge and our very own podcast of the shindig (hosted in the cloud, naturally). There’s also Rodos’ video of a Paul Maritz session on vCloud Datacenter if you need a catchup (and thanks for getting me into the Admiral’s Club, Rodos!) and analyst IDEAS International’s take on the show. Storage Texan shared his experiences too, and when we bumped into each other on the show floor seemed to have one two iPads!

The resolution of the NetApp/Oracle ZFS lawsuit generated a lot of noise on the Google News Alert we run for “NetApp Confidential” (see how journalists operate these days?) but not much in the blogosphere, unless you count the StorageZilla’s post highlighted a few words back (and placed on the hot keywords, as this is the regime under which we now operate as putting links elsewhere means less traffic and, ultimately, less food for journalists’ children).

Another thing we didn’t find much of during our time away was online fighting. IBM’s Tony Pearson points out an Sydney, Australia). IBM NZ blogger Storage Buddhist also had a go at EMC and NetApp, taking issue with their notion of data reduction. Chuck Hollis of EMC has a go at chest-beating here, but the biggest argument seems to concern VMWare backup, as chronicled by Drunken Data.

There is, however, some general ill-will towards Oracle out there, with IBM’s Elisabeth Stahl wondering if its benchmarks for 3Par has this video with his take on just what Oracle stands for, with a kind of doublespeak take on stuff:

Elsewhere, Ruptured Monkey muses on replication, StorageBod wonders just what a vSpecialist specialises in and StorageIO thinks out loud about data footprint reduction.

Preston de Guise covers Backup to Disk and Busy State Staging and Penguinpunk finds Mozy curiously shy of his credit card.

RecoveryMonkey considers EMC’s new FAST cache and NetApp ponders a Flash Cache for Exchange 2010.

HDS’ Michael Hay has some advice for the Cloud Security Alliance and Backblaze has a fine post detailing how it almost got acquired.

The best name for a post in the last little while belongs to John van Staden’s Wam .BAML thank you .XAML, and you may well enjoy this analysis of social media in the storage space from About Restore.

Lastly, some really sound thinking from Storage Sanity, who has compiled some good ideas on how to make flying less miserable.

* So you’re interested in our new content model? Simply put, our ANZ branch will now cleave more closely to the TechTarget model of how-to stories that help IT pros to solve problems. So if you think there’s a problem that more people need to understand, or you have insights into how to do so, feel free to get in touch.

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