Tweed Council’s Director of Technology chooses cloud security for the third time

Tory Green, Tweed Council’s s Director of Technology and Corporate Services, says his staff have found time for innovation, partly thanks to cloud security

Troy Green, Tweed Shire Council’s Director of Technology and Corporate Services, has adopted cloud security for the third time in a decade.

Green’s weapon of choice is Symantec Hosted Services, an offering better known to many as MessageLabs.

“I first used it when I worked at Marrickville Council in 2002 and fell in love with it there,” Green says. “We were getting about 8,000 spam messages a day and back then the connection speeds were not what they are today.” Spam filtering in the cloud therefore saved Marrickville from the need to operate its own antispam tools and also cut bandwidth consumption.

Green later used MessageLabs again at another job in local government, before signing up once again when he recently moved to Tweed Shire Council.

“The benefit I see is that cloud security means I don’t let Spam into the building,” he says. “The alternative is giving up CPU time and keeping more staff.”

Green refers to his cloud security service as the Council’s “moat” and says he has experienced no genuine mail classified as Spam. “It’s one of the easiest corporate solutions to deploy: there’s no fuss or maintenance.” He’s even living the dream of “doing more with less,” as he says his staff are now free to work on other, higher value, tasks.

One of those tasks is developing a new mobile version of the council’s web site. This new site – – offers a full range of council services including realtime updates about whether sports grounds are open during wet weather. Council will use signs at sports grounds to publicise the service.

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