Sectors – EMC, 3PAR and Dell fight it out, HP goes to school and Seagate stands alone

Our weekly roundup of storage blogs finds EMC attracting a new antagonist and HP proclaiming its arrays are preferred by totally inexperienced high school students.

We try to make “Sectors” as interesting as possible, so this week we thought to ourselves “Enough already with the array vendors, what about the hard disk manufacturers.”

So we scanned the blogosphere and came back with … precious little.

Seagate is out there, but with very corporate content. We tender this post as Exhibit One, thanks to its dodgy segue from economic commentary to product spruiking. Western Digital and Hitachi are unfashionably blog-free, so far as we can tell. And don’t get us started with the way Samsung communicates about its hard disks.

If that hasn’t put you off, there’s plenty more here.

Back in our usual stamping ground, 3PAR seems to be enjoying the chance to have a swipe at EMC. Its beef has something to do with SSDs hardly rating a mention in EMC’s earnings call last week. 3PAR also has it in for Dell, which has somehow failed its test for how one ought to behave at a big launch. Big D is not nerdy enough in public, apparently.

Maybe they are right: this Dell post about SSDs not being mainstream is hardly cutting edge.

Another company that could harden up on the technical front is HP, which this week admits it struggles to embed a YouTube video in a blog.

Here’s how you do it, guys:

It’s worth a look because of the weirdness of the premise, namely a bunch of IT pros teach some high school kids how to install a SAN. Guess which SAN is easiest to configure? That’s right: HP’s! So if your IT staff have no experience whatsoever of configuring arrays and the knowledge and maturity of a high school student, you know where to shop!

There’s a bit of tension between HDS and EMC this week, which you can read in Hu Yoshida’s blog. NetApp is also tetchy and has picked on Ocarina for a dedupe smackdown. But the company’s bloggers are silent (as is proper) on the prospect that Sun’s new owner Oracle could get nasty in the Sun vs. NetApp ZFS lawsuit that has been bubbling along for a while.

We’ll try to dredge up something on that next week.

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