Sectors – EMCWorld blogged to death, Why NetApp is buying cockroaches

Our weekly trawl of the storage blogosphere brings back plenty of reaction to EMC’s annual conference and the worst storage video we have ever found. We also review the new Star Trek movie.

EMC’s annual conference in the USA has been hit by rain. Lots of rain. And lots of booze, too, according to some tweets we’ve seen.

HDS bogger Christophe Bertrand has been watching those tweets and used them as the basis for a bitchy little post about the event.

Others have been kinder. Virtualtacit summarised day one here, Storage Architect has day Two and EMC staffer David Spencer has an employee perspective from day three. He’s tired and grumpy!

Spencer has been with EMC for 13 years but it turns out the company is 30 years old. And this, possibly the worst storage-related video we have ever seen, is a celebration of that birthday. The name “Run EMC” tells you all you need to know.

While we’re on video, check out this one that Storage Mojo posted.

Now let’s make absolutely certain you don’t read to the bottom by putting another video here. This one is from 3Par and shows how autonomic wide striping works and has the most magnificently monotonous narration that betrays precisely zero enthusiasm for the products.

Fast forward to about 2:00 into the video for the good bits. The video also mentions the word “chunklets” and to be frank we have zero interest in even knowing what they are.

Okay … what else is out there?

Storagezilla alleges that NetApp refers to Data Domain products as cockroaches. So the EMC staffer has some fun noting that NetApp is buying the source of the vermin.

StorageRap reckons NetApp found itself losing in the dedupe market, so bought its way out of a hole.

NetApp, for what it is worth, is using ye olde “our storage helped make a movie” tactic. The flick concerned is the new Star Trek movie. We saw it the other night and it was fun while we were in the cinema. The next day, however, we suddenly realised how many amazing co-incidences are required to move the plot along and decided it is, in fact, kind of lame.

It’s also noteworthy that the promo for the movie was done in concert with Cisco, because EMC is currently cuddling up to the networking giant to an almost sickening degree. This week’s exhibit is EMC blogger Chuck Hollis’ appearance on a Cisco blog.

Various folks are wondering if either EMC or NetApp are acquisition-bait for Cisco. Right now it looks like an uneasy love triangle (is there any other sort?).

Right about now, we’d usually think that some nice, calm, independent comment from an analyst could balance things and help us understand who would buy who and why. But the guys at Storage Monkeys have made that a bit harder for us by declaring  analyst George Crump “bogus” for being too close to vendors.

Our new favourite blogger, Preston de Guise, also has two new posts. One is on NetWorker in Mac OS X and another offers some more general backup advice.

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