Bloggers go soft as EMC, NetApp and HDS let HP get away with dodgy product repositioning

Our weekly roundup of the storage blogosphere finds an unusual absence of criticism of a soft target, but plenty of competitive friction between NetApp, EMC and HDS.


Regular readers of this column will know that the storage blogosphere is not a very friendly place. Indeed, storage industry bloggers love getting stuck into one another.

For example, NetApp is hard at work this week questioning EMC’s deduplication claims and picking on typos. NetApp gets even nastier in these posts about EMC’s charm offensive, which its bloggers reckon is a smokescreen to make Data Domain think EMC is nicer than it really is, in the hope it forgets NetApp’s acquisition offer (while we’re on the subject, Steve Duplessie on EMC buying VMware and NetApp buying very little of value is worth a read, as is About Restore’s analysis).

More on EMC niceness later, but for now let’s not overlook narkiness as usual as EMC employee the Storage Anarchist points out HDS’ alleged misuse of some IDC data, which is just the kind of thing we expect from storage bloggers.

So what are we to make of the silence on HP’s decision to stop marketing its ExDS9100 as a Web 2.0 must-have? When HP released the device last year and said it was aimed at those whose data centres need really, really, fast storage because of the special requirements of Web 2.0 sites, it seemed a classic case of buzzword bandwagoning, given that the number of potential customers with those requirements is witheringly small.

So to your editor’s eyes, the reversion to the device as plain old scalable, fast storage for anyone who needs it is the kind of thing that the bloggers we usually track would gleefully set upon.

But there’s nothing out there, save for HP’s own explanation.

Perhaps the reason is the time spent writing about the outbreak of genuine joy in the blogosphere over EMC employee Nick Glasgow’s success in finding a bone marrow donor. Glasgow fell ill and appeals rang out through EMC blogs and the storage community in general. We wonder if NetApp still thinks EMC’s culture is confected after this effort!

Another staple of storage publications is news that there’s a great new storage medium in a lab somewhere and any year now it will cram petabytes of stuff onto the same shiny disks we use today. Exhibit A is this story of our very own about Five Dimensional DVDs. Storage Mojo has news of another such innovation this week, in the form of Hard Rectangular Disks.

We’ve never had poetry in this column before, but StorageBod penned some this week as he pondered IBM’s new cloud play.

And lastly, Preston de Guise keeps churning out fabulous advice on his NetWorker blog, this week looking at IDATA support.

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