HDS hits EMC, HDS gets hit, NetApp hits HP, Dr Who spruiks Prime

Just another week in the storage blogosphere as all the main vendors get stuck into each other. We therefore lighten things up with video of vintage Tom Baker ads for Prime Computer.

HDS released a big update to its AMS 2000 modular storage platform this week. Here’s HDS’ Hu Yoshida explaining the virtues of the new machine. And here’s The Storage Architect giving it a hearty “meh”.

The latter post sets the tone for the blogosphere’s attitude towards HDS this week, as the company takes heat for its provisioning plans.

3Par get stuck in here and Ruptured Monkey even goes so far as to post a two-part video rebuttal. (Read his post, too if you want to understand the cows)

There’s more anger elsewhere as NetApp continues to declare HP’s approach to saving money a dud. And HDS hits back at EMC, too, disputing recent claims about data movement.

So … much … anger!

So let’s have a break with this classic set of ads from (the best) Dr Who actor: Tom Baker.

Weren’t they special?

Also special is this post from Adaptec, about how its new product is terribly misunderstood.

Easier to understand is the necessity for continuous employment and Storage Switzerland has some advice if you like the idea of becoming unsackable: become an archive manager. The site also has some insights into managing video surveillance data. Online Storage Optimization has a waft at the future of NAS.

Virtual Geek, meanwhile, thinks we can manage without a new network protocol, namely Fiber Channel over Ethernet.

Virtualtacit has a nice look at EMC’s new version of RecoverPoint.

Lastly, StorageMojo, who looks at Cold Storage – the idea that disk can become an archive through leaving disks entirely idle and unpowered.

We’ve heard the term “disk aerobics” used to describe the need to give idle disks the occasional turn of the spindle. Maybe we’ll look for some posts about that next week!


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