IBM and EMC at war as HDS chides NetApp and the Sun/Oracle giant stirs

Our weekly cruise through the storage finds NetApp’s stewardship of Cisco’s data called into question as IBM and EMC start to get really nasty and bloggers galore drop their pants.

What a funny week in the storage blogosphere. It seems that the last few days have seen a confluence of bloggy birthdays among the many writers out there, which means not one but three “I really do write this and this isn’t just about me regurgitating PR crap” posts, from EMC‘s Chuck Hollis, Pillar Data’s Mark Workman and Storage Mojo (who, to be fair, is not a corporate blogger and not a recycler of PR).

But the outbreak of kimono-opening niceness does not herald a sea change in the way storage blogging gets done. Indeed, the usual vituperation is well and truly in evidence out there.

Exhibit one is this post at IBM’s Inside System Storage that takes issue with EMC blogger Scott Waterhouse’s assertion that Backup Sucks. IBMer Tony Pearson calls Waterhouse’s post “just distasteful” and launches into a long rebuttal.

Also on the attack is HDS’ Michael Hay, who weighs into a fight between NetApp and independent blogger StorageBod about file virtualization. This one’s a bit of a nest of links, but somewhere in there is a mess of contrary opinions and narkiness. Unravel it for some fun!

While we’re on narkiness about virtualization, CommVault likens virtual machines to Tribbles from the classic Star Trek episode Trouble With Tribbles.

In case you don’t know the episode, this video should help!

Stick with it for about 30 seconds and you get a great Mr Spock line, to wit: “Odours cannot travel through the vacuum of space.”

While we’re on Trek, HDS’ Michael Hay manages to work it into a post about storage.

But back to hostility, with a terrific post from Drunken Data about how some companies piggyback their marketing on other companies, a trend he picked up on at VMworld and illustrated thusly:

Another very competitive post comes from StorageBod, who reckons Cisco’s use of NetApp might just show both companies in a bad light. The word “incompetence” even gets an airing, which means we are pretty sure there’ll be a sequel to report real soon now. Online Storage Optimization is finding unkind things to say, too also alerting us to unintended consequences, this case about GMail’s storage claims.

And there are claims galore floating around about just what to do with solid state storage, such as this one from Drunken Data or this from StorageMojo. FWIW, we also had an interesting post on our own story about fast, cheap SSDs claiming that this piece of Microsoft research shows SSDs are a crock.


Oracle’s first product using Sun technology scored a couple of fast posts this week, with StorageNerve and Ideas International both offering guarded enthusiasm.

Steven Foskett has a thoughtful post about cloud standards and his belief we don’t need ‘em – yet.

The Storage Architect puts a two-terabyte drive from Western Digital through its paces.

Geek central

The more technical storage bloggers have absolutely gone off of late, with Virtual Geek and Preston de Guides cranking out kajillions of words … and in the case of Virtual Geek even a video or three like this one:

Preston is particularly thoughtful on the issue of the intersection of backup and ILM.

Do yourself a favour and rummage through both sites for a while.

Information Playground looks at some cutting edge storage research and there’s also some vendor geekery out there this week as HDS’ Hu Yoshida discusses internal vs. external switching.

See you next time – or on twitter, where we exist as @techtargetanz

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