SURVEY WATCH: EMC says you've lost it

EMC research asserts that lost documents are taking ages to find.

EMC has issued Australian research which says "Australian businesses spend more than 20 hours per week on average looking for difficult-to-find records." Mid-sized organisations are said to spend double the amount of time searching for data.

We're not quite sure if this is a bad number, as on third of the 60 respondents to the survey came from "organisations with than less than 200 employees," while "... Almost half of respondents came from organisations with between 200-5000 employees. Just over five per cent were from organisations with more than 5000 employees."

For an organisation of 200-5000 employees to spend only a collective 40 hours a week searching through directories and applications for data sounds pretty good.

The study sourced its results from a group EMC describes as composed "...predominantly of records managers" and "... also estimated that individually they spent, on average, more than three hours per week searching for records that are difficult to find." The latter number sounds about right, seeing as records managers often do that kind of thing.


Setting aside our dislike of surveys, we should note that this one was compiled by analyst firm Hydrasight, whose articles we feature.

So here's what John Brand, Research Director at Hydrasight, said:

"The study results indicate, more importantly, a significant shift in information governance skills and practices from classification and security of information, to easier (yet still secure) access and retrieval. Information governance professionals must ensure that the best technology and information management systems are in place within their organisation to enable seamless and time-efficient location and retrieval of applicable business records.”


“It will be increasingly important for organisations to seriously examine and facilitate ‘embedded’ records management practices wherever possible,” Brand said.

"Organisations may also be underestimating the potential impact that remote and mobile computing may be having on their information governance policies and practices”.


“Businesses need to get on top of this issue now, as the volume and level of complexity in managing corporate records is only going to increase. Those organisations using traditional discovery approaches will struggle to keep up, particularly when it comes to compliance requirements, legal discovery and better managing records at the remote device location.”

The survey seems to be an an exercise designed to let EMC spruik its content management wares, leading to a quote from Fiona Sims, the company's Senior Marketing Manager for Content Management and Archiving, who clambers atop the big pile of numbers and says: “It has never been more important to be demanding the highest levels of efficiency from all areas of the business and this is an area where there is a significant opportunity for serious improvement, where businesses can drive higher productivity with new document discovery tools, which are proven to maximise resources."

EMC goes soft on answers in the release announcing the study, but we suspect the idea is you get all impressed by the study and give the company a call. Do so, by all means, but don't forget Australian indexing company ISYS if you are drawing up a shopping list.

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