PODCAST: How mobility will change the future of customer service

InterContinental Hotels group operates more than 4000 hotels around the world and the company’s Bill Peer believes that in five years “Virtually me” will mean his customers broadcast their preferences to the world. Peers is planning to respond as you’ll hear in this presentation about the hotel of the future (and the employee of the future) recorded at Genesys’ G-Force APAC conference in Melbourne this week

In the near future, Bill Peer, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture at InterContinental Hotels Group, believes you will broadcast your personal preferences via your smartphone and companies like his will tap into that information and use it to provide you with a host of new services.

He already believes that the hotel room of the future will play your favourite song every time you check into a room, will SMS you before you arrive to check you in and will offer access to a virtual desktop stored in the cloud.

Hear Peer’s vision of the future in this podcast of his presentation at Genesys G-Force conference in Melbourne this week.



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