HP will give you your old, broken disk

If the disk in your laptop dies, HP want to give it back to you ... for a price.

Hewlett Packard has unveiled a new service that will see the company return your old, broken disks to you. And the company expects you to be happy about it!

The service is not as ridiculous as it sounds: under the company's previous laptop warranty arrangements, it was bound to take broken hard disks and return them to the manufacturer. Some laptop users, however, worried that modern data recovery techniques could mean that important or confidential data would end up in unknown hands, creating potential governance and security issues.

The new offering, dubbed the 'Defective Media Retention Service' therefore sees HP leave a defective hard disk with its customers after replacing the old model, to ease those concerns.

The new service was launched last week, along with a new partnership with CBL Data Recovery to retrieve data from damaged disks.

Both of the new offerings are available as pre-paid options under the company's new 'Total Care' programme, a services offering with over 200 individual offerings directed at small to medium businesses.

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