SurveyWatch: Sophos wags its finger at top spamming countries

Sophos has released the next installment in its never ending tale of the War on Spam.

Sophos has released its highly-anticipated manifest of high spamming countries for its bi-yearly finger wagging.

As usual the USA and China stand with heads shamefully bowed at the top of the security company's To-Reprimand List, together trafficking one fifth of total global spam.

The remainder of the list is marked by the usual tomfoolery: South Korea, Poland and Germany are all mucking up slightly more than usual, while the UK, India and Italy quietly move around the nether regions of the top twelve.

Australia barely even warrants a mention, coming in at 32nd place, with NZ trailing far behind at 58th.

Of course no SurveyWatch would be complete without a stern warning calling for eternal vigilance from Big Security-Provider. The latest emphasises the pressing need for "joined-up global action" in this "global battle against spam".

Forget your global wars - if we all stand together to fight spam world peace is only a stone's throw away!

But for those sceptics adamant in their refusal to believe that this is anything but business as usual, Sophos has provided a highly compelling map of the spread of spam:

Them big scary red dots mean bad spammers are present. Clearly Europe has been overrun and is nothing more than scorched earth, to be cast off and abandoned to the roaming hordes of spammers.

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