SurveyWatch: Spam begats spam begats spam

Spam-destroyer Ipswitch sends unsolicited, undesired email proclaiming the end of the world at the hands of spam.

This morning your doe-eyed SurveyWatchers opened their inbox in a most innocent fashion to discover an unsolicited, unsought and undesired email from self-proclaimed spam-destroyer Ipswitch.

Once we recovered from the sheer horror of finding such a vile thing at our doorstep, we took a gander at what it had to say.

According to the self-heralding email, the company's 'Spamometer' recently choked on the sheer volume of unwanted email passing through it, and ultimately exploded.

While we'll certainly miss the quaint little device, it managed to spit out some helpful last minute reflections before it bit the dust.

Spam has continued to rise. It's now at 95% of total email, apparently. We should be ever so vigilant in updating our virus indexes. Sorry - spam filters. But only if they're the flexible, extensive and automatically-updated ones that Ipswitch provides.

For those of us equipped with inferior filters, it seems the only respite from this ceaseless assault is the big sleep that the Spamometer was so shockingly forced into.

And no survey would be complete without a ranking of vile threats. But we're too dismayed by the futility of the bleak, spam-infested future painted by the now-deceased Spamometer to recount them, or even finish this

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