HP the winner as EMC, NetApp battle over Data Domain?

Our weekly roundup of storage blogs suggests a likely winner in EMC and NetApp’s battle for data domain, but more interest in HDS’ latest launch. PLUS - we unearth a fabulous EMC video based on the movie ‘Downfall’

First NetApp put down $US1.5 billion to buy Data Domain. Then EMC found that plus another $US300 million in the back pocket of some jeans it had not worn for a few months and upped the bid to $US1.8 billion. Now NetApp’s back in the game with a $US1.9 billion bid?

Who will win? Analyst Steve Duplessie thinks that HP could emerge the winner, as it will eventually feel like buying NetApp is a good idea, no matter who wins Data Domain.

Other bloggers are having fun pointing out that just a few months ago, EMC was saying deduplication is just a feature, an argument advanced by Online Storage Optimization. Commentors to EMC logger Chuck Hollis’ post on the bid point out the same thing.

But for the best comment on how EMC thinks right now, we think it is hard to top this video.

(For the uninitiated, read this to understand the video)

So what else are bloggers up to this week?

Sinking a slipper into HDS, that’s what.

Stephen Foskett has a go, here  and Storage Anarchist has a waft, too . Of course the Anarchist works for EMC, so he has to waft. And he has to point out that HDS’ Claus Mikkelsen has not answered questions from EMC about the new announcement. But The Storage Architect is an independent blogger and calls the HDS announcement “a complete disappointment.”

The slanging match has seen HDS’ Claus Mikkelsen respond to the Storage Anarchist, writing that the reason for the slow response is:

“... not that there’s no love here, it’s just a basic priority thing (‘scuse me Mr. ReallyBigBank customer, I’ll get back to you tomorrow after I answer EMC’s questions, first).”

Elsewhere, Adaptec goes all Aussie for reasons that seem obscure and HP’s Lee Johns wonders if it would be possible to market Sushi as “cold dead fish”. (Mmmmmmm .... cold and dea.....ad)

Virtual Geek Chad Sakac has a post about vSphere and 2TB LUNs, Preston de Guise looks at (In)securing your daemon.raw with nsr_render_log –z  and I have a cold so let's finish this now!

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