Christmas peace as EMC, NetApp, IBM all leave each other alone

The storage blogosphere has decided to respect Christmas as a time of peace and goodwill, with the usual bickering between EMC, HDS, NetApp and IBM giving way to kinder, gentler and more thoughtful posts.

Happy New Year! What have you been up to?

Let’s guess ... you saw Avatar, upgraded to Windows 7 and ate too much?

That pretty much sums up your summarist’s summer to date.

During the first item on the list, I utterly failed to consider the storage platform behind the film. NetApp, which did provide the platform, made sure I had something to read when I got home from the click.

Windows 7, meanwhile, has made a difference to storage here at TechTarget ANZ. It took most of a day to shuffle 100GB off a Windows XP PC and onto a NAS before we reformatted the PC’s drive. But it only took an hour or two to move the data back again once the PC was running Windows 7.

The food? Well let’s just say it’s time for me to get back on my bicycle ... either that or I need to type faster when summarising blogs like Cinetica’s Cinetica’s post on Christmas FUD which is pretty much the only post I have been able to find in this column’s usual vein of spleen-venting and name calling.

Which is not to say there is not some good stuff out there. For example, folks are already contemplating EMC’s Archer acquisition , Gartner’s Burton acquisition and Iomega’s very interesting desktop virtualisation play, v.Clone.

There are plenty of year in retrospect/2010 predictions pieces out there too. Storage Architect says goodbye to 2009 by finally dumping his PATA drives. V.Tacit sums up the year, as does Stephen Foskett and StorageMojo in this post. IDEAS International looks ahead, a practice IBM encourages in the form of the development of a new storage strategy (and does more of the same here). Storagebod sits somewhere in-between.

The blogosphere also records a couple of significant job moves, with Scott Lowe joining EMC and Storage Alchemist also finding a new home. Preston de Guise has the same food-on-table gig but has moved his NetWorker here.

The first big “oh yeah, I’ll look at this again” post comes via. Kiwi Si, who points to this nifty RAID tutorial.

There are some nice technical posts out there, and my favourite is Stephen Foskett’s on 4K advanced format drives. Ray on Storage has some nice laws of unstructured data and NetApp rounds up its performance under VMWare. Pivot Point remarks on SSDs and host swapping while Canned Platypus gets geeky with FUSE and Cassandra and About Restore considers Four Must Ask Questions About Metadata and Deduplication. Drobo continues to get lots of blog love, this week from Storage Architect and Datacore.

Dull vendor posts are emerging, too. Chuck Hollis has a couple here and Hu Yoshida clocks on for 2010 with another example of the genre.

Lastly, a couple of personal posts. StorageZilla is his usual acerbic self in this pointer to a tale of a job interview gone wrong. But Calvin Zito’s heartfelt post is likely to remain in readers’ minds for 2010. Best of luck for the year, Calvin.

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