Brennan preparing backup-as-a-service product

Data Domain deduplication is at the heart of a planned backup-as-a-service product from Australian IT services company Brennan.

Sydney-based IT services company Brennan is working on a backup-as-a-service product.

"It's not quite productised" said Stephen Sims, Brennan's General Manager of Sales and Marketing. "But we did a test campaign in Brisbane and got 40 appointments [to discuss the product] with half a day's telemarketing."

The proposed service will see Brennan store data in its data centers and guarantee recovery point  and recovery time objectives for its customers. The company currently offers off-site storage services, with Data Domain products placed on its customers' premises to reduce the amount of data sent over wide area networks.

The new service will see that regime remain, with customers' data then replicated to Brennan's Sydney and Brisbane data centers, where Ken Jeffreys, Brennan's Chief Technology Officer, says the company has acquired  EMC CLARiiON arrays to power the service. Jeffreys says Brennan is acquiring arrays with 50TB of storage, an investment he says creates a challenge "to fill them up fast!"

The service will offer secure multi-tenancy  by tying each customer's storage to a dedicated virtual machine. Only that virtual machine can access a customer's data, and access to the virtual machine will be secured.

Jeffreys said he believes a 24 hour  recovery point  and recovery time objective will be "easily achievable" for the service, with faster restoration of data possible if customers are willing to specify granular restoration regimes. A disaster recovery option is also under consideration for the service.

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