Adaptec moves into SANs

Adaptec has moved beyond its NAS roots into SANs for the cost-conscious.

Adaptec has entered the SAN market with a new range of appliances dubbed the 700i series.

Adaptec Australia manager Demetri Christodoulou said he expects the new machines will appeal mostly to existing Adaptec clients, who he believes are seeking storage to work with applications like Exchange or SQL Server and wish to continue working with a single storage supplier.

The Snap Server 700i series offers three models, all of which are 1U 19" rack-mount units.

The Snap Server 720i provides 1TB or 2TBs using SATA drives. The Snap Server 730i provides 3TBs using SATA drives. The Snap Server 750i provides 1.2TB using 15K RPM SAS drives.

Christodoulou said he believes the devices' mirroring features and ability to mix SAS and SATA drives within a single chassis are standout features unavailable from competitors at the price point of $13,179, the base price of the 720i.

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