Symantec CEO Enrique Salem hints at unstructured data management tools

Symantec's CEO has hinted at new tools to ease management of unstructured data. Thin provisioning management tools may also be on the company's agenda.

Symantec CEO Enrique Salem has hinted that the company plans to add new unstructured data management features to its storage management tools.

Speaking at a press event in Sydney last week, Salem identified thin provisioning as a technology he believes "has more to do" to improve storage management, adding that "storage reclamation" is a priority for the company.

Salem then responded to a question from SearchStorage ANZ asking what he sees as 2010's hot storage technology, given tiering and deduplication's domination of 2008 and 2009. Salem responded by saying he sees "the next big [storage] technology is being able to describe the ownership of data."

"We want it to be easy to understand the ownership of unstructured data," he said, so that it can be better subjected to tiering and other storage management techniques.

Salem them foreshadowed the inclusion of such tools in future Symantec releases.

"Expect Symantec to introduce software to understand ownership and who can access unstructured data," he told the event. "We will look at our own products and we will look outside."

Salem then tied these features to security, saying he expects "data loss prevention to be embedded [in all our software] from backup, to archive to security."

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