ACTEW/AGL drops NetBackup, opts for CommVault

Canberra utility ACTEW AGL has changed backup software provider, with Symantec losing out to CommVault.

Canberra-based utility ACTEW AGL has dropped Symantec’s NetBackup and instead adopted CommVault’s software for its backup chores.

“We had just bought an HDS SAN,” explains Geoff Gailer, the company’s Manager, Enterprise Systems. That purchase necessitated a review of licenses for backup software, with Gailer saying “the main drivers were cost and usability.”

“We needed to renew NetBackup and the cost was horrendous,” Gailer told Ease of use was another concern, as the organisation has a diverse range of backup needs.

“The SAN stores all our file data, e-mail, and is 3rd tier backup for our SQL databases,” Gailer says. The organisation therefore requires a backup tool capable of backing up this data the LTO-4 tapes in StorageTek libraries stored at its main offices and at a disaster recovery site. The software is also required to work alongside other storage management tools, as ACTEW AGL also uses the native backup tools that ship with SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Gailer’s main reason for choosing CommVault for these tasks was price.

“We looked at the price of two years maintenance for NetBackup ,” Gailer recalls. “For the same price, we could get licenses for three years of CommVault and maintenance was considerably lower after that.”

CommVault now helps the organisation to back up its 60+ terabytes of data, has successfully been used to restore files and achieved ROI in two years.

“We have since added e-mail compliance archiving, file archiving, and it is all going well,” Gailer says. “The team member that uses it says it is just so easy to use.”

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