Tiering debate rolls on as IBM and EMC decide if they are both great minds or indifferent fools

IBM has spotted eerie similarities between an EMC presentation and one of its own efforts. EMC, meanwhile, claims to have nailed down some NetApp FUD. Plus: yet more XIV and tiering debate.

On April 1st, something rather embarrassing happened : two Australian tech news sites came up with the same April Fool's gag, namely that Google was leaving our shores because of Australia's planned internet censorship laws.

A similar co-incidence reached the blogosphere this week, as IBM's Barry Whyte finds  some close similarities between a Chuck Hollis presentation and one of Big Blue's own efforts.

Just who copied who on tiering is also getting some coverage this week too. In case you missed it, EMC has  launched a supercolossal new dedupatron and IBM has emitted a new tiering tech called Easy Tier. IBM takes a swipe at EMC's assessment of the DS800 series' fortunes and

EMC's efforts get a kick from About Restore. IBM gets some harsh words from Storagebod.

Those posts are just part of a wider debate around tiering, SSD and where the two intersect, the most colourful of which comes from Canned Platypus who proclaims "The RAM-Cloud Zombie is Back," a post title that we think may inspire us to create a "post title of the year" award.  Storage Gumbo is another player in this one along with Drunken Data.

XIV round XIV

Debate around IBM's XIV is still going this week, with GrumpyStorage and The Storage Buddhist continuing the chatter.

Also well and truly alive is EMC/NetApp animosity, this week fanned by StorageZilla's gleeful quoting of EMC reseller Dan Weis' deconstruction of just how NetApp kit gets configured.

NetApp, meanwhile, makes the proud claim that it is Number Two in Canada (in terms of places to work) and rather well positioned on a magic quadrant.

The Blue Staple has also blogged about SNIA's new Cloud Storage Initiative, and HDS' Hu Yoshida has some SNIA love too.

He's saying what you're thinking

GrumpyStorage also asks if vendor partner programs are any use. (FWIW, I heard a vendor say this week that it is 100% channel, before luring a customer on stage who said they go direct for all sales negotiations and support with a nominal channel partner helping out with box drops and the like, proving that everyone uses a channel either until the client wants to go direct or the business is big enough that the vendor wants all the margin. But I digress.)

Pivot Point looks at Windows Guest Defragmentation and modern backup looks at protecting Exchange data.

Storagebod swipes at everyone for insisting that technology alone brings change - he's got a point there! - and Preston de Guise points out why tape is still important. StorageIO points out Seagate's new domiciling decision that will see it move from the Caymans to Ireland. If I was an accountant, I know where I'd prefer to go ...

StorageRap files from Storage Networking World sand EMC's David Spencer blogs about using Survivor as a source of leadership inspiration.

Lastly, bid farewell to The Backup Blog, from which Scott Waterhouse is signing off due to work commitments.

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