Citrix XenApp6 to offer more centralised management for virtualised applications: News Roundup

Red Hat JBoss for Camden Council; VMware shops now eligible for free SpringSource tc Server licenses; and more news of the week.

Citrix XenApp6 to offer more centralised management for virtualised applications
Citrix Systems' launch of XenApp6 on March 24 is set to improve scalability and centralised management of virtualised applications. XenApp6, the former Citrix Presentation Server, will feature a management console called AppCenter. The new version has also been integrated with Microsoft Application Virtualisation (App-V). App-V runs applications in virtualised form on a central server or can stream them to another computer to be run locally. This means customers can use a mix of centrally or locally running virtualised applications, if they choose.

Red Hat JBoss for Camden Council
London's Camden Council has implemented a Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform to build a virtual data base, aimed at streamlining citizen data. The council was able to create the database without the need to move any data. This now provides a single database connection on which business-focus applications can be built. Delivering almost 600 different services to 227,500 residents, the council previously used five different back-office systems, causing teams to log into multiple systems when responding to customer enquiries.

VMware shops now eligible for free SpringSource tc Server licenses
SpringSource, VMware's recent $420 million acquisition, says its new tc Server Spring Edition is ideally suited for a virtualised data centre. So much so that SpringSource is giving it away to VMware shops.

Can Oracle virtualisation be a player?
The Oracle virtualisation portfolio got a boost with Oracle's $7.4 billion Sun Microsystems acquisition, and the company has signalled a willingness to take on VMware, the market leader. Many are sceptical, based on Oracle's very late push into the market. But even some of these sceptics acknowledge that Oracle VM 3, expected this spring, will give Oracle credible Xen-based server virtualisation that could challenge VMware, Microsoft and Citrix Systems Inc. at least in the tens of thousands of Oracle database and application shops.

NetApp unveils new enterprise cloud services solutions for service providers
NetApp has released a new range of solutions aimed at service providers that deliver enterprise cloud services. Solutions include the NetApp Service-Oriented Infrastructure (SOI), Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS), Backup/Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) and NetApp Open Management.

Interxion nets ASPIDER Solution for Amsterdam application partnership
European data centre operator Interxion has announced that Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) service provider ASPIDER Solutions will extend its applications infrastructure into Interxion's Amsterdam based data centre. The partnership will enable ASPIDER to deliver its network and provisioning services in facilities with reduced latency and transit costs.

EMC upgrades Celerra for data stored in VMware environments
EMC has upgraded its management software for its Celerra network-attached storage (NAS) arrays. The upgrade aims to allow IT administrators to utilise thin provisioning, de-duplication and business continuity tools for data stored in VMware environments. The Cellerra new Plug-Ons for VMware environments include new capabilities, such as automated fail back processes for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Software. This means that if an offsite Celerra array fails, it will automatically fail over to another Celerra array. This happens either at the same site or in the primary data centre.

How Apple's iPad could fit into desktop virtualisation
By now, you've probably heard of Apple's soon-to-be-released iPad. Regardless of whether you think you'll love it or hate it, the reality is that you're going to have to deal with the iPad at work because (a) your boss will want one, (b) your users will want one or (c) you want one. However, all is not lost because the iPad could be a very cool device for accessing your virtual desktop environment and, by extension, our corporate Windows applications

Google opens Apps Marketplace to broaden enterprise appeal
Hoping to lure businesses away from Microsoft Office and into the cloud, Google unveiled the Google Apps Marketplace at its Campfire One developers' conference this week. The Marketplace integrates other vendors' services with Google Apps accounts so that users can get to them through Gmail, Google Docs and other application services

Live data centre modernisation: A nail-biting experience
Updating a data centre is not for the faint of heart. Todd Gale likened his company's recent data centre modernisation to picking up a running locomotive off one track and placing it on another without disruption.

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