2010 Review: Top 10 premium articles

Computer Weekly's top 10 premium content articles for 2010 written by Computer Weekly journalists.

Computer Weekly's top 10 premium content articles for 2010 written by Computer Weekly journalists.

These in-depth reports and case studies offer you in-depth, independent briefings on a range of IT suppliers, technologies, and issues facing the IT department. The reports are available for registered readers of Computer Weekly to download. (You can register here.)

CIO briefings on leading IT suppliers

Accenture - the inside story

Find out everything you need to know if you are planning to hire one of the world's leading IT consultancies in this 12-page special report.

How SAP is fighting back as traditional ERP sales fall

Enterprise resource leader SAP is facing the slow death of traditional on-premise enterprise resource planning software. Find out how the company is fighting back in this eight-page special report.

Everything you need to know about Microsoft

Microsoft has the operating system and office productivity market sewn up. However, when it comes to enterprise applications, high-performance computing, smartphones, and software-as-a-service, it's a different story. IT directors would be wise to listen carefully to what Microsoft has to offer, but be prepared to shop around.

How Oracle plans to take on IBM and HP

Oracle has revealed a suite of software, Fusion Applications, which promises to unite its platforms from Siebel and PeopleSoft, middleware giant BEA Systems and a range of other acquisitions. With the addition of a services arm, its goal is to be the world's most complete, open and integrated enterprise software and hardware company.

Computer Weekly case studies

Microsoft's office of the future

Microsoft has turned its Dutch headquarters into a radical experiment which the company believes could point the way to the future of the workplace. The experiment is underpinned by sophisticated technology, which allows Microsoft staff to communicate using chat, e-mail, social networking tools and video conferencing, wherever they are.

Isle of Man government in race to deliver IT with £10m annual budget

The Isle of Man is only 11 miles long and 33 miles wide but it has a reputation for a cutting-edge approach to IT that would put a larger country to shame. Although known to many for its TT motorcycle races and status as an offshore financial centre, the island has also built up a reputation as a leader in electronic government.

Isle of Man

BT goes social

BT is to roll out Facebook-style social networking services to its 100,000 employees, in a move that will allow staff to collaborate more effectively on projects whether they are in the office or working remotely. The company, which reported £1m profits, said the system would lead to significant gains in productivity and help the organisation keep track of the skills of its workforce.

Hot IT topics from the Computer Weekly 500 Club

How to deal with disruptive technologies

The tough economic climate will accelerate businesses take-up of disruptive technologies, such as cloud computing and mobile working. The result will mean dramatic changes to the way people manage their home and work life, with dramatic consequences for the IT department, says John Harris, IT vice-president at GlaxoSmithKline and chairman of The Corporate IT Forum.

How organisations are sharing IT services to beat the downturn

Businesses, charities and local authorities are looking to cut their overheads by sharing their IT infrastructure. Learn from the experiences of Sarah Winmill, head of IS services at the Victoria and Albert museum, John Bovill group IT director of Aurora Fashions and Nick Roberts, IT business change manager at Surrey County Council.

CIO keeps Network Rail on track for £1bn transformation

Susan Cooklin, who took over as CIO in late 2009, is responsible for modernising Britain's railways in a £1bn IT transformation programme. Find out about the challenges she faces.

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