Bad Sectors: the latest storage news

Our regular roundup of storage news sees EMC notch a Canberra win, a couple of agencies announce their plans to buy SANs, Ninefold's sneakernet, a nasty rumour about HP and a new entrant to the local SAN market.

Canberra shopping for SANs

EMC has had a decent-sized win at Tourism Australia, which has signed a cheque for $470,980.00 to “EMC Global Holding Company” for what AusTender classifies as a “Storage Area Network”. We’re not sure what Tourism Australia bought, but EMC has told us its new VNX arrays quickly got lots of positive attention in the nation’s capital when they were released earlier this year.

We think EMC may be chalking up $100k of business at the Atorney General’s Department too, as one of its Canberra resellers Infront Systems has won SAN disk shelves and SAN disks at the agency.

UXC Connect has also had a Canberra win, picking up just over $65,000 of cash for a new NetApp DS2246 disk shelf at IP Australia.

There’s more disk heading to Antarctica, too, with Corporate Express winning a $67,000 deal to send more disk to the Australian Antarctic Division.

Future purchases

It’s also the season for publication of Annual Procurement Plans in Canberra, and a couple have turned up with SANs on the shopping list.

The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities plans to acquire a SAN in the first quarter of the year. Either the department is running late or its Tender will pop out any moment now.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority is also SAN-shopping and says it should get the purchase done by the end of the calendar year.

Past failures

One SAN we’re told isn’t welcome in Canberra belongs to HP, which a few folk have suggested was asked to excuse itself from ASIC’s desktop virtualisation project. Word on the street suggests the project nearly ran aground on underperforming HP kit, which was replaced to make the rig work.

HP has declined to comment on the speculation.

Ninefold's sneakernet

Macquarie Telecom's cool and groovy cloud sub-brand Ninefold has announced  a 'sneakernet'service that will allow customers to ship it drives for data upload to its cloud.The company says the difficulty of uploading large quantities of data to the cloud is a turn-off for would-be cloud users and hopes its $75-per drive plus $2.50 an hour service will drive adoption of its elastic storage services.

SmallTree grows in Australia

Another SAN sprouting hereabouts comes from SmallTree, a vendor which offers “Ethernet shared storage and networking solutions for Mac-based post-production professionals.” The company’s GraniteStor arrays will be sold through new distributor Adimex


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