The Daily is launched as Murdoch teams up with Apple for iPad only newspaper

Rupert Murdoch has launched digital newspaper The Daily in a deal with Apple which makes it exclusive to the iPad.

Rupert Murdoch has launched digital newspaper The Daily in a deal with Apple which makes it exclusive to the iPad.

Murdoch announced the deal at the end of last year, the same time Richard Branson announced that he would launch an iPad-only magazine project.

The US-focused Daily will cost 99 cents (62p) a week or $39.99 (£24.70) a year. According to The Guardian, Murdoch has invested $30m into the venture and hired 100 journalists to produce original content.

But what makes The Daily different is the financial muscle behind it in the form of News Corp, said Adrian Drury, analyst at Ovum. The partnership with Apple should secure it a prime location in the iTunes Store, he added.

The specific terms News Corp has negotiated are unknown, but other publishers pay 30% of their iOS application subscription revenue to Apple.

"The market The Daily launches into is challenging. It faces a universe of free content delivered via Google through the browser, and a growing range of free news applications in the App Store.

"It will need sustained, heavy promotion and a compelling pricing strategy. However, its main strategic advantage may prove to be that its parent has deep pockets - and this is going to buy it time to build an audience and refine its model," added Drury.

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