Chatter trumps e-mail for business, says is planning to rid the corporate world of email by using social media to improve collaboration. is planning to rid the corporate world of e-mail by using social media to improve collaboration.

"The way we assimilate information is changing," said Robin Daniels, director product marketing "E-mail is not a good tool for collaboration. It has become the bane of people's lives. We are not selectively choosing the information we use."

Daniels said that the new generation of workers use social media software like Twitter and 74% of users use social media to get their jobs done, but IT does not support them.

He said, "Sharepoint and Lotus forces users to pull information, while Facebook pushes information to half a billion people. I choose the people I contact. This is different to workplace IT." is tackling the problem of e-mail with a new social media tool called Chatter. Daniels said, "Chatter is modeled on Facebook, you don't need a manual to access it. It's the same metaphor as Facebook. By asking users to update their status with 'What am I working on'. This information gets pushed to iPhones and Android phones.

He said 20,000 companies have accessed Chatter. Connections are being made between staff who have never been in touch before, Daniels said.

BCD Travel turned on Chatter in June and slashed its e-mail usage, according to

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