integrates accounting software with social network Chatter, which is part owned by ,..., which is part owned by, has integrated its accounting software with’s social network for business.

It said it is the first such tool to be released "on an industrial scale" and will provide a collaboration tool for businesses.

"There are other similar tools for business, but the size of's user base, which is 70,000, means there is a strong likelihood that this will become quite pervasive," said marketing director David Turner.

The application, called Chatter, will be integrated with the company's accounting system. "There is a lot of work in accounting where accountants have to chase people around the business with queries about invoices, for example. This allows extra collaboration between departments and makes sure you are recording and capturing the conversation," Turner said.

The company has also launched an application called Chatterbox for use across companies. The system allows "rules" to be set up, so it alerts a group of users if, for example, a customer doesn't pay an invoice for more than 90 days.

"Rather than waiting for people to start a conversation, this allows the system to alert you and start the collaboration process," Turner said.

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