Windows 8 is on its way

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is in the planning stage.

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is in the planning stage.

A recent job posting by Microsoft revealed the successor to the recently launched Windows 7 is already at its embryonic stage.

According to, a job posting on Microsoft's careers site describes a role as helping to shape Windows 8.

"As part of this team, you will help shape Windows 8. Components of our code include a core agent that runs as an NT service, an API layer and a UI application. We talk to the update servers using web services and we have special protocols in place to deal with the massive scale of the system" notes the job listing," said the posting.

It was revealed by the website

A Microsoft Researcher accidentally revealed some of the plans for Windows 8 and 9 last month, in his LinkedIn profile.

Robert Morgan, who has worked at Microsoft Research for seven years, posted on his LinkedIn profile that he has been "working in high security department for research and development involving strategic planning for medium and long term projects".

The high security projects he lists in his profile include 128-bit architectures for future versions of Windows, involving Intel, AMD, HP and IBM.

Mainstream processors mainly use 32-bit and 64-bit technology, which is regarded as enough to cover almost any conceivable application. Graphics processors, such as the chips used on the Sony PlayStation, are based on 128-bit technology. It improves the parallel processing required to render computer game graphics in real time.

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