UK mobile web surfers top 10m

UK mobile web surfers now top 10m, research has revealed.

UK mobile web surfers now top 10m, research has revealed.

One fifth of mobile owners are using the device to access the internet, with 600,000 people in the UK switching to the latest smartphones in the past few months, according to research firm, Nielson.

Topping the list of activities is finding out the latest news including football scores and travel updates, according to reports.

Downloading applications to smart phones has overtaken texting, e-mailing and picture messaging to become the second fastest growing mobile online actively.

Despite the fact that smartphone users in the UK increased from 5.6m to 6.2m in three months, smartphones still account for only 14% of mobiles, said Nielson.

The fastest growing smartphone is the Blackberry, accounting for 19% of the market, but Nokia is still the market leader at 44%.

The recent releases of Blackberry's Storm 2 and Palm Pre could boost smartphone usage to much higher levels, but an era in which the handset is a truly mass-market multi-media device is still some way off, according to Nielson.

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