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Essential Guide to dealing with a data breach

Computer Weekly's essential guide to dealing with a data breach looks at companies that have been affected and offers advice on how to respond to cyber security occurrences


Data breaches happen all too frequently, with many high-profile companies suffering losses and reputational damage as a result. Putting preventive measures in place is essential, but so is having an effective plan for how to cope with a data breach if it happens to you. In this guide, we look at the best practice in dealing with a data breach. The guide includes examples of companies that have been hit by data breaches and how they have responded, as well as expert advice on how to respond to a data breach or cyber security incident.

Essential Guide to Dealing With a Data Breach

1What to do after a breach-

Data breach response

A look at the best practice in dealing with a data breach once it's been discovered


How to preserve forensic evidence in the golden hour after a breach

There is a golden hour at the outset where a clear head and good planning can make or break any subsequent forensic investigation Continue Reading


Life’s a breach: How to handle the press after a hacking attack

Emily Dent, specialist in crisis PR, offers some advice to organisations that unexpectedly find themselves in the headlines Continue Reading


Ready for your data breach moment?

Sooner or later, you will have to deal with a data breach. Do you have an incident response plan ready that will limit the repercussions? Continue Reading

2Plan to deal with data breach-

Data breach prevention

How is the cyber security industry helping firms to protect themselves from data breaches, and what should companies be doing?


Business will have to embrace security as a service, says Gartner

Businesses will increasingly be forced to adopt cloud-based security services to take care of the basics so they can focus on more complex threats Continue Reading


Five ways to prepare a company board for a cyber breach

Five key things that boards need to do to stop their businesses leaking like sieves and potentially going to the wall Continue Reading


European SMEs sign up to security as a service

European SMEs see the value of security as a service and are signing up through resellers. Continue Reading


Five questions every board should ask after Sony Pictures breach

What can the board do to avoid having to answer embarrassing questions at the next shareholder meeting? Continue Reading


How to best employ cloud-based security services

The cloud-based security services market is booming, as enterprises adopt email, Web security, and identity and access management SaaS Continue Reading

3Where does stolen data go?-

The dark web and hidden data economy

What happens to stolen data after a breach, and what are law enforcement authorities doing in response to this threat?


GCHQ and NCA join forces to police dark web

GCHQ and the National Crime Agency are to track down paedophiles and serious online criminals by using the techniques and expertise used to find terrorists Continue Reading


PM says dark web can be policed

David Cameron says UK and US intelligence agencies will help fight child abuse images on the dark web Continue Reading


Dark web key enabler for cyber criminals, say McAfee researchers

The dark web is a key conduit for the malware industry to refine and distribute its products and services, say security researchers Continue Reading


Service model driving cyber crime, says Europol report

The cyber crime support industry is becoming increasingly commercialised, says a report by the European Cybercrime Centre Continue Reading


Law enforcement cracks down on DroidJack Android snooping malware users

A joint EU/US operation on the DroidJack malware is the latest example of international collaboration between law enforcement officers directed at cyber crime Continue Reading

4Big companies are victims-

Data breaches – who’s been affected?

Many high-profile companies are being affected by data breaches - even those with a big cyber security budget are vulnerable


Wetherspoon pub chain warns customers of data breach

Discovery of a data breach at JD Wetherspoons comes hard on the heels of a breach at TalkTalk, underlining the importance of keeping customer data safe Continue Reading


Data breach hits Dow Jones

Hackers may have accessed the payment card details of up to 3,500 customers, warns finance publisher Dow Jones Continue Reading


Data breach hits Hilton Worldwide hotel chain

Hilton Worldwide says malware found its way onto point of sale (PoS) systems and enabled attackers to steal payment card information Continue Reading


TalkTalk warns customers about personal data breach

TalkTalk has warned customers their personal data may have been compromised in the second cyber attack on the firm in 2015, with some data left unencrypted Continue Reading


Five million customers’ details exposed in VTech hack

A toymaker's database compromised by hackers reportedly included the personal details of more than 200,000 children worldwide Continue Reading