Jack rabbits on

Twitter’s move to double its 140-character limit to 280 has been marked by CEO Jack Dorsey unwittingly composing the worst tweet of all time, in a failed mission to justify the merits of waffle.

Reading his debut mammoth tweet in full, a prime example of the sheer redundant rambling a 280-character limit promotes, was one of the most gruelling internet experiences Downtime has ever withstood – and you bet we’ve seen YouTube footage of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke with Foo Fighters.

So basic were the words used to express Dorsey’s simple idea, yet also somehow so gratuitous.

To but skim through the tweet is to achieve the effect of drowning in a vat of Alphabetti Spaghetti made from a script to a lost Michael Bay adaptation of The Bell Jar. When you finally reach the end of it, he links you to a blog explaining the concept in slightly more detail. The man has no mercy.

But Dorsey is at least a benign ruler. The inevitable backlash has seen users editing the tweet down to the beloved 140-character limit, but he seems to have taken it all in his stride.

Donald Trump could take a lesson in humility here. We don’t see him addressing criticism for his own capricious abuse of power with bland old retorts like “Fair. I’m still getting used to it.”