Cofunds runs UserReplay blackbox to improve web usability

Cofunds, the financial services platform recently acquired by Legal & General, has used a tool called UserReplay, which it helped to develop, to streamline its website

Cofunds, the financial services platform recently acquired by Legal & General, has used a tool called UserReplay,...

which it helped to develop, to streamline its website.

Cofunds allows financial advisors to work with multiple funds simultaneously through its website. The UserReplay tool is being used within the company's firewall to log the web session of users accessing the site and provide the ability to play it back. The tool works like a blackbox recorder, which can be used by support staff to resolve user queries and site errors.

Prior to deploying UserReplay, Cofunds could not easily determine whether a website issue reported by a user was a simple user error or whether it was a genuine problem with the website. Escalation to application meant analysing log files, which could take weeks.

Peter Pearce, digital manager at Cofunds, said: “If we got a helpdesk call from a financial advisor, it was often difficult to replicate the problem. UserReplay enables us to see details of the problem so we can resolve problems quicker.”

It is also being used to resolve disputes. The software allows Cofunds to replay a user's interactions on the site. 

“There is no need to analyse log files, and precisely what happened on a disputed transaction can quickly and clearly be demonstrated to all parties,” said Pearce. “Improving the quality of our platform and providing excellent customer support are strategically important to Cofunds. The level of improvement achieved through UserReplay is significant.”

He said the tool could be used in the future to help Cofunds evolve the website, such as by optimising content. Used in conjunction with Google Analytics, he said UserReplay will help the company make the client journey through the website as easy as possible.

Cofunds started working with UserReplay a year ago. While working on an internal compliance audit, the company realised it needed to improve how it audited its website, said Pearce. 

It worked closely with the UserReplay developers to help develop the product, he said, and the developers listened to feedback. In return for helping on the development side, Cofunds received support from the developers when it piloted the tool.



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