Brazil schools get 357,000 virtualised Linux desktops


Brazil schools get 357,000 virtualised Linux desktops

Antony Savvas

The Brazilian government has financed a virtualisation project in schools that will virtualise 357,000 desktops nationwide.

Userful and ThinNetworks will supply the machines, designed to increase PC use in schools and cut costs.

The project is one of the biggest virtual desktop projects ever seen and will rely on Linux software driving the shared machines.

The PC sharing hardware and software is costing less than $50 per seat.

Userful is supplying the desktop virtualisation software and ThinNetworks the virtualisation hardware.

Other companies Positivo, Daruma, and Itaultec are providing the PCs and services. Userful and ThinNetworks were selected in a competitive bidding process for all three phases of the project. The first phase - 18,750 workstations in rural schools - has already been installed and they are now functioning.

Userful's cost saving ability to turn one computer into up to 10 independent workstations enabled the Brazilian government to supply it's schools with savings of 60% in up-front costs, 80% in annual power savings and additional savings in ongoing administration and support costs.


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