Property firm Argent boosts efficiency with information-sharing portal

UK property development company Argent expects to reduce its physical storage needs by 10% through deploying a web-based information sharing portal.

UK property development company Argent expects to reduce its physical storage needs by 10% through deploying a...

web-based information sharing portal.

Argent is re-developing 67 acres at King's Cross in London and has increased its staff by 50% in the past year.

Filippo Popolo, IT manager at Argent, said that the portal will allow the firm to digitise all documents, enabling it to grow without requiring more office space. The increased efficiency would also limit the number of additional support staff required to support the company's growth, he said.

The company plans to manage the expected 20-fold increase in data flow by completing its deployment of the portal software Workspace from Union Square Software by May 2008.

The software will enable Argent to store all business-critical information centrally and make it accessible to staff anywhere in the world using a web browser.

"Having a good archive is important for every business to source information, including e-mails, quickly and easily," said Popolo.

He said any company could reduce legal risk by ensuring it had a consistent way to capture information and was able to find crucial documents when needed.

"The volume of information being generated and the way it is stored should not be obstacles to its retrieval by anyone in the organisation that needs it," said Popolo.

Argent chose Workspace because it was tailored to the construction industry and will enable the company to organise its information around projects.

"This makes it incredibly easy to find information and makes the most sense to us because this is the way we would like our data to be organised in the first place," said Popolo.

He said the software also had a better balance between intranet and document management capabilities than the more general products that were considered.



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