Glasgow City invests £265m in IT efficiency drive

Glasgow City Council expects to save £70m with the implementation of a 10-year project to deliver integrated property and IT services.

The council is implementing the £265m project, in partnership with public services provider Serco, which is aimed at improving IT services to increase the council's efficiency by 20%.

Duncan Mackison, chief executive of the limited liability partnership, said, "Glasgow is leading the way in creating a true partnership between the public and private sector to deliver services and improvements."

The project will introduce community hubs to give citizens fast and easy access to council services by moving staff out of the city centre into the communities they serve and enabling them to work away from the central office and at home.

George Black, chief executive of Glasgow City Council said, "This new partnership will ensure that customers have easier access to the services they rely on and help our staff deliver those services."


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