Quad-core servers aim to boost performance


Quad-core servers aim to boost performance

Antony Savvas

IBM has introduced a range of x86-based servers that take advantage of Intel's new quad-core processors. The Intel Xeon 5300 processor, codenamed Clovertown, consists of four processing cores to boost application performance.

Based on Intel's Core micro-architecture, the processor is designed to extend the price/performance and energy efficiency of the current dual-core family.

The 5300 is socket compatible with dual-core Xeons, which means existing dual-core Xeon designs can run the processor without modification. Intel said the chip should offer four and half times the performance of its single-core processor, and provide at least a 50% performance increase compared to Intel dual-core processors.

Dell has also set out its new product strategy, launching multi-core processors, which includes its first Intel Xeon quad-core processor-based products.

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