Compression system could save up to 85% on cost of mobile transmissions


Compression system could save up to 85% on cost of mobile transmissions

UK company Imhotek has launched a system for compressing mobile transmissions which it claims can save up to 85% on call costs, writes Antony Adshead.

Offered as software or a hosted service, Imhotek's X-cellerator Program (IXP) enables users of POP/Imap and SMTP mail services to substantially reduce the amount of data sent over phone links when remote workers dial in to enterprise systems using handsets, laptops or PDAs. Data reductions are claimed to be 33% for GSM and 85% for GPRS, with connection times reduced by a similar amount.

IXP works using two parts. A server component is installed on the network with links to the e-mail server, and an IXP client is installed on the user's device. The client software is then configured to point to the address of the IXP server and the user's e-mail client is reconfigured to use the IXP client as a local psuedo server.

When a connection is initiated, the IXP client connects to the IXP server and compression and optimisation of traffic is carried out between them.

IXP controls the data stream to optimise the flow between the IXP client and the IXP server to ensure only essential traffic is transmitted.

It also uses its own encoding of commands to limit the amount of bandwidth used.

IXP will work with a range of popular e-mail clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora, and it will run on both Windows and Linux servers. The client will work with a range of mobile operating systems, including Java, Windows, Symbian and Pocket PC.

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