Reflections on 2011 and predictions for 2012

Reflections on 2011 and predictions for 2012

TechTarget takes a look back at a range of technology trends in 2011 and shares predictions for the year ahead

With 2011 now behind us we have taken a look back at technology trends throughout last year, in addition to looking ahead to what 2012 may hold.

In this guide you will find 2011 roundups on virtualisation, cloud computing, outsourcing, storage, data management, careers and the IT channel.

Table of contents:

Hits and misses in virtualisation technologies

Find out which of the several virtualisation products and management suites released in 2011, where a hit with users (Spring Platform) and see which ones were not (VMware MVP).

Top five virtualisation case studies of 2011

Here’s a recap of the most innovative virtualisation case studies to come out of 2011.

Data centres, cloud and server virtualisation: Best contributor tips from 2011

Does what it says on the tin: This list includes the best tips from our contributors on data centres, cloud computing and server virtualisation.

Top 10 server virtualisation news stories of 2011

On the server virtualisation front there were new technologies, new products and new controversies in 2011. Read our top 10 server virtualisation news stories.

The best cloud computing stories of 2011

Most vendors repositioned its products, this year, to be cloud-ready so we give a rundown of the top ten cloud stories to come out of 2011.

Outsourcing stories of 2011: Top 10

2011 has seen the outsourcing industry offer up lessons in best practices and has also highlighted some of outsourcings challenges.

Top five data deduplication rundown: 2011

Now data deduplication has gone mainstream, and is being widely adopted, many companies are opting to deploy the technology to reduce data backup. Here are our top five data deduplication stories from this year.

Top 2011 stories from the data management industry

Read TechTarget’s top 10 stories on how to get value from “big data,” how you can gain a single customer view from master data management and why virtualisation can give you a real competitive edge.

Top five disaster recovery outsourcing tips of 2011

Disaster recovery outsourcing can have many benefits for businesses, so we’ve put together a top five tips on how.

Full year reviews of 2011

News review of the year Q1, Q2, Q3
2011 has been a tough year for all businesses, as the industry is still trying to recover from the global crisis of 2008. In Q1 the word ‘cloud’ was suddenly everywhere along with the term ‘consolidation.’ Q2 saw consequences from the Japanese quake, and public sector cuts were starting to bite. Q3 had the BSA cracking down on licensed software in addition to some of the major distributors sharing their views on the state of the economy.

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The IT channel takes a look back at 2011, which was like the year before – success having to be hard earnt, with economic issues continuing.

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Predictions for 2012

Emerging 2012 security trends demand information security policy changes
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