Everything you need to know about Windows 8: Learning guide

Everything you need to know about Windows 8

Microsoft’s Windows 8 has finally been released. Here you find everything you need to know about Windows 8.

The much anticipated Microsoft Windows 8 has been released, with its touch-control interface, and single operating system that works on desktops and mobiles.

Microsoft has described parts of Windows 8 as the most important redesign, of its interface, in more than a decade.

Find out all the Windows 8 news here, including a Windows 8 Buyers Guide, videos and tips.

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Windows 8 News

Microsoft Microsoft launches Windows 8
Microsoft has finally released Windows 8, Windows RT and the Windows Store at a packed launch event in New York.

Is Windows 8 OS the right choice for your business?
Windows 8 combines a desktop operating system (OS) with tablet-touch functionality, which will bring benefits to some organisations - but not all.

Windows 8 – Beauty and the Beast?
Quocirca analyst, Clive Longbottom, looks at whether corporates should consider deploying Windows 8.

Leading PC suppliers announce Windows 8 devices
Several PC suppliers, including HP, Dell, Asus, Toshiba and Sony, have announced products from laptops to smartphones that will run Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 8, expected to be released in October.

Windows 8 security: how does it measure up?
Microsoft's Windows 8 is seen by many as representing an evolutionary jump for the operating system, but what about security?

Microsoft readies for Windows 8
Users will have a choice of Windows and Windows Pro with the new version of Windows 8 due out later this year.

Microsoft revenues suffer as users wait for Windows 8 upgrade
Microsoft has blamed lower-than-expected results on businesses delaying desktop software upgrades until after Windows 8 is launched.

Windows 8 expected to be slow starter
Some of Microsoft's OEM partners have expressed the view that Windows 8 will take time to drive hardware sales into the corporate market.

Windows 8 looks to reclaim territory in the enterprise
What to expect with Windows 8, the new UI and programming changes.

Intel showcases Atom-based Windows 8 tablets and notebooks
Unlike other Windows 8 Professional hybrid tablet devices which use the Atom processor, the Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 is powered by the Intel Core i5 vPro processor. This is a full-powered laptop chip.

Windows 8 Tips

Tips to explain Windows 8 upgrade rationale to customers
Expert advice for VARs looking to explain Windows 8 upgrade options to customers and combat objections to the new Windows OS.

Gartner sounds warnings over Windows 8
Gartner has warned that for some users making the move to Windows 8 will have risks not yet worth taking and they are best to stick with the current version of the Microsoft OS.

Gartner: Stick with Windows 7 migration, Windows 8 is too risky
Businesses migrating from Windows XP should upgrade to Windows 7 rather than risk deploying Windows 8, says analyst organisation Gartner.

Examining alternatives to Windows 8
As enterprise IT gets ready for Windows 8, some are opting out and looking at alternative operating systems. Let's explore some Windows alternatives.

Don't ignore Windows 8 security when reviewing desktop vulnerabilities
Microsoft Windows 8 security may not be at the top of IT admins' to-do lists, but they should pay attention to the OS's features and flaws.

Windows 8 Buyers Guide

Microsoft Windows 8 Buyer's Guide
In this 11-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at how Microsoft’s latest version of Windows could influence corporate IT, taking into consideration the requirement to rewrite existing applications and identifying potential compatibility problems.

Windows 8 Photos

microsoft Developing software for Windows 8
With Windows 8, Microsoft hopes to make developing enterprise client applications easier, but will compatibility be an issue?

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