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Enhancing and Streamlining the Organisation

Organisations are searching for ways to do business more efficiently. IT can be a partner in the initiative by providing more efficient systems and platforms to enable and empower users. Learn how.

Additional Videos

  • Emerson Deploys Hyper-V Cluster in 3 Hours on Dell PowerEdge VRTX

    Discover how Dell PowerEdge VRTX helps Emerson Process Management deploy Hyper-V clusters faster.

  • Meet the new Dell VRTX

    Watch what happens when an organisation deploys Dell PowerEdge VRTX.

  • Accelerating the Benefits of Windows Server 2012 - Video

    Discover how to deliver the benefits of Windows Server 2012 faster with Dell solutions.

  • Dell Windows Server 2012 Migration video

    Should you migrate to Windows Server 2012 on Dell 12th-generation servers? Explore your options.

  • Server consolidation case study with Mazda

    Learn how Mazda achieves a better than 10:1 server consolidation ratio with Dell and VMware.

  • Dell's AS 1000 Helps Indianapolis Airport Authority Cut Power and Cooling by 10%

    Learn why the Indianapolis Airport Authority turned to Dell’s Active System 1000.

Additional Resources

Finding Efficiencies in the Cloud

Learn how Dell offers a better choice for IT organisations looking to affordably transform IT infrastructure, maximise operating efficiencies, simplify operations and increase business agility.


Optimise Your Microsoft Platforms

Get insights into migrating to Windows Server 2012, how to reap the benefits of the platform and how to manage Exchange Server 2010.


Redefining Your Data Centre

A key question for IT organisations assessing their efficiency is: How physically dense should the data centre be? Learn how to evaluate your blade server options.


Convergence and the IT Organisation

Introducing businesses to the first converged IT solution designed specifically for standalone data centre solutions: Meet VRTX.


Making Data Protection a Strategic Investment

When organisations create more and more data, that puts added importance on data protection. Learn how to plot a strategic path toward robust data protection.

  • ESG Lab Review: Dell Integrated Data Protection: DR4100 with NetVault

    IT teams are faced with swelling data volumes and expanding virtualization, both of which complicate your backup and recovery strategies. The DR4100 appliance, combined with NetVault, protects both physical and virtual servers, increases backup speed and provides recovery assurance for data and applications. Learn more in this ESG Lab review.

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  • CIO Strategies for Storage: Modernize data protection practices

    This exclusive resource discusses how you can combine the best of traditional backup and recovery with continuity and modern resiliency solutions to help reduce complexity, slash costs and minimize the risk for data loss, all while accelerating your organization's time to value.

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  • Dell Data Protection Point of View: Recover Everything. Every time. On time.

    This whitepaper looks at modern companies' need for improved data protection, and discusses tools that can protect different kinds of data.

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  • Why Protection & Performance Matter

    In this informative white paper, discover the need for next-generation firewalls that offer deep packet inspection so that businesses can enable scalable network security to meet the demand of the threat landscape, while ensuring network performance to meet business goals.

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  • IT security trends in 2013

    This informative resource takes a look at the major IT security trends of 2013, and discusses what they mean for the future along with how you can best protect your enterprise environment.

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  • The Wild World of Malware: Keeping Your Company Safe Inside

    In this white paper, uncover the top 6 types of malware that plague networks today, and discover an anti-malware solution that is able to detect today's threats as well as defend against them in the future.

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  • Foglight™ for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition

    In order to have a strong virtual infrastructure, you must have the proper holistic insight into health, risk, and efficiency. Access this white paper today to learn about expert solutions that can reduce operational costs, speed up deployments, and simplify the complexity of your data center infrastructure.

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