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Gadget Guide: Smartphones

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Computer Weekly's Gadget Guide on smartphones gives you a round up of all the latest smartphone news, previews, and reviews from Inspect-a-Gadget.

If you're researching the wide range of smartphones in the market head over to our guide for the low-down on the devices you just can't live your life without. 

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Four years in the making: The best of the best.

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karate-kid2.jpgHaving created this blog and nurtured it for the past four years, I've decided to put the best blog posts/videos from the best on one page.

Diary of an outcast: Apple's Special iPad 2 Event
I will start with my favourite post, the infamous Apple event. I had been invited to Apple events before but somehow started getting missed off the list. I hate Apple so it was no surprise that they didn't want me there. Safe to say that after this post not only was I missed off the list but Computer Weekly never received an invite from Apple ever again.

iPhone Vs N97
This was the first big video project that me and David (video editor) put together. At the time I was so happy that I'd got the N97 I decided to make a video pitting it against the iPhone while mocking Apple's advertising campaign. Little did I know that the N97 would prove to be the worst purchase I've ever made in my life.

HTC Desire HD Review
David (who stars in this video) and I wanted to do something different and create a cool video review. This is what we came up with.

Sadly once we started recording David (and the department he worked for) were made redundant. It didn't effect the video but it wasn't a happy time for us. Having cleared out his desk he set up at home the next day to finish it. This was our last hurrah and the last video I made. Very proud of it.

What is the best mobile OS around?
At this point, no one wanted to be in any of my videos. The company was starting to cut back on them and so I tried to play four roles with four outfits and a moustache before I got told that what I was doing wasn't a productive use of my time. Honestly, how could they say that?

This video used to have a voting element that has since been removed because we couldn't afford to pay for the server the flash sat on.

The most ambitious video we ever tried.

Video: The future of business cards, I'm not taking the Poken
There was a girl I was desperate to go out with at my work. I needed to do a video to have a reason to talk to her but the only thing I'd been sent was a Poken. No phones or cool gadgets. Somehow I persuaded her to help me make this video. We're still together :)

Video review of the wiimote like Gyration Air Mouse
This video is pretty much when I realised that I can be funny. What people don't realise is that filming didn't take long but discussions between David and I on what was funny took forever.

He would stand there saying "That's not funny" every time I cracked a joke or did something stupid. Or one of my favourite lines of his was "You might think that's funny, but it isn't".

Video: Palm Pre vs the iPhone - The big debate
I had 2 weeks before Christmas to do a video armed with my wit and a white wig that was left over from a very bad 'Back to the future' spoof I'd made where I played the Doc. That video was so bad that the company we producd it for sent us a letter saying that if the video ever saw the light of day, they'd sue my a** off. 

David went on holiday with a week left of editing/filming to do so I didn't have anyone to tell me that what I was saying wasn't funny and some of the editing is a bit off. It's still a good video but we felt it was rushed.

Video: I heart iPad - Dating website matches man to iPad
What do you do when you get your hands on an iPad before the UK release? Write a review. Then what? Make a video about having a special relationship with it. Yep, not sure why.

The HTC and Google story: A love affair and a tragedy
Lord knows what compelled me to write this. Had I taken more time to craft it, I think it could've been great but when I read it now I feel it's rushed. Still good, where the idea came from I'll never know.

Video: Flip Mino HD review
This video took 84 takes. For no reason at all I couldn't stop laughing during recording. We got in trouble because it was meant to take a couple of hours but took almost two weeks.

Video: Zeemote review - Is this the future of mobile gaming?
I did this video because Zeemote said that they'd give me a free phone if I reviewed it. So...

GeeklyWeekly Sexy Halloween Special
Wow, how bad is this video? It doesn't even have anything to do with gadgets!!

Review & Video: The Philips Fidelio DS9010 Speaker Dock. Does It Sound As Good As It Looks?

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IMG_0332.jpgThe DS9010 is one of a new range of iPod, iPhone and iPad speaker docks from Philips.  It follows on from the DS9000, which was launched last year. Thankfully the '1' in the name isn't the only thing that has changed though.

Priced at around £349 the DS9010 is certainly not cheap but compared to other high-end docks, such as the Bose SoundDock 10 and the Arcam rCube, on first impressions at least, it seemingly offers value for money.

The DS9010 is undeniably stylish, yet it is still very imposing. Measuring 56.3 cm x 22.5 cm x 21.4 cm and weighing a hefty 7.2 KG you're eyes are immediately drawn to it when you enter the room.

Fortunately the beautifully curved brushed aluminum chassis means it wouldn't look out of place as the center piece of a modern house that you'd expect to see on Grand Designs. I've come to consider myself an expert on this topic, I watched three episodes last week.


The front of the dock features only the Philips logo on a long plastic strip with volume controls either end and rubber pad above the hole in the middle of the dock, which your iDevice rests against to stop it rattling.

IMG_0334.jpgThe dock itself is on a spring, allowing it to be pulled away from the speakers to attach your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Admittedly I found it a little fiddly with my iPhone at first, holding the dock with one hand and lining up the bottom of my apple device with the other but it gets easier with practice.

I would imagine it may be harder still with the iPad, purely because of it's size.

The DS9010 utilises PureDigital processing technology to take direct digital output from the apple product with the high-quality digital-to-analogue converter then working its magic.

The curved shell of the dock, which houses four drivers and two 1inlow distortion tweeters made from silk and copper-clad aluwire, is shaped specially to minimize internal resonance.

It is difficult to articulate the bass delivery from the DS9010, the two 4" inverted dome woofers, which reside in their own 3.4litre camber, pack a lot of punch, even without the Dynamic Bass Boost Enabled.

However, many decent earphone and cheap portable speaker owners will know all to well that bass can overpower the sound as a whole, almost becoming separate from the music. In the case of the DS9010 the bass holds your attention, letting the rest of the track do what it was created to do.

Of course, if you crank the volume up then the bass can take centre stage over treble but, depending on what genre of music your listening to, this may not be a bad thing.

This 100 watt dock should be used with the relevant app from the iTunes store as it allows an alarm and playlist and EQ settings to be controlled. Although, the remote was fully functional when I used it solely with my iPhones iPod app.


The DS9010 is in the lower bracket of high-end docking stations except it has the added bonus of coming with the price tag of a middle of the range speaker. The audio quality isn't faultless but nor is it run of the mill, I mean you wouldn't face too much of a struggle if you were looking for improved audio quality but you may struggle to pick your jaw up off the floor as you see the price of alternatives with similar specification.

Finally, here is a video offering a full 360 degree view:


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