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  • The universe is full of idiots

    Ryan Priest - Community Member 15 Mar 2018
  • In a country that, according to Michael Gove, has “had enough of experts”, you might have expected the death of Stephen Hawking to trigger a bunting rush not seen on these shores since the street ...

  • Now that’s what I call compliance

    Ryan Priest - Community Member 08 Mar 2018
  • Cloud-based customer relationship management software supplier Donorfy has taken the initiative in putting data protection officers nationwide out of their misery and compiling what can only be ...

  • They think it’s all – oh, VAR...

    Ryan Priest - Community Member 01 Mar 2018
  • Association football as we know it descended into farce at the hands of the use of fledgling video assistant referee (VAR) technology throughout Tottenham and Rochdale’s FA Cup replay tie at ...

  • Why doesn’t YouTube ban Logan Paul?

    15 Feb 2018
  • YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, speaking at Recode’s Code Media conference in California, has insisted its macabre problem child Logan Paul hasn’t done enough to be kicked off the platform. The ...

  • Matt Hancock: the app

    01 Feb 2018
  • News of new culture secretary Matt Hancock launching his own app sent Downtime direct to the App Store. After a tantalising few seconds waiting for Matt Hancock to download, we open it up and join ...

  • Alexa makes children rude

    Cliff Saran - Managing Editor 01 Feb 2018
  • Smart speaker devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are making children ask for things without say "please", research from Childwise has found

  • Only the hardiest need apply for freezing Finnish startup fest

    Alex Scroxton - Networking Editor 25 Jan 2018
  • If you’ve ever gone through the process of getting a tech startup off the ground, you’ll be familiar with the nerve-wracking process of pitching a group of stony-faced investors with your idea to ...

  • Branson’s pickle

    18 Jan 2018
  • Richard Branson has overturned his Virgin Trains stooges’ decision to stop selling the Daily Mail, instantly pouring cold water over accusations that the billionaire who sued the NHS might be too ...

  • Sophia 2020

    10 Jan 2018
  • Time now to check in with Downtime linchpin Sophia the robot, who’s been dazzling the world once again – this time at CES 2018. No, it’s not wig-cleaning day for Ray’s wife at Disney World’s “Hall ...

  • Chocolate coins, not bitcoins

    04 Jan 2018
  • Did anyone else notice how many people ruined the festive season’s pub visits by mistaking bitcoin for something resembling an entertaining topic of conversation? Suddenly all these bozos you grew ...

  • "Good morning, how may I assist you?"

    Zach Emmanuel - Computer Weekly 11 Dec 2017
  • Robots should be ideal at home or in the workplace, right? These fully co-operative, obedient and reliable machines should make all our lives easier, right? They can’t think for themselves, they ...

  • Inside the pooh-pooh committee

    07 Dec 2017
  • The sole purpose of phone software updates is now universally regarded as a means of accessing the latest batch of emojis that may have been introduced, and somewhere in California, plans were in ...

  • Alexa for work - the IT helpdesk's new best friend

    Bryan Glick - Editor in chief 01 Dec 2017
  • Helpdesk technicians in IT departments around the world will rejoice at Amazon’s announcement of a corporate version of its voice-enabled assistant Alexa for use in the workplace. It cannot now be ...

  • When Richard & Judy inspired Google

    23 Nov 2017
  • Did anyone else catch Richard & Judy on 1 April 2003? In case you missed it, they pranked the nation with a segment on a device they claimed could convert sampled speech into other languages in ...

  • This is an arty hack

    15 Nov 2017
  • The Neil Buchanan of Vietnamese cyber security has pulled Apple’s pants down by making a mask that can trick the iPhone X’s facial recognition technology. Come and have a look at this. Now, to make ...