Storage resellers: How to find the right one and get the most from the relationship

Read up on the advantages and disadvantages of working with a storage reseller, as well as techniques for choosing the right one and managing the relationship.

Storage resellers are key technology partners for many IT organizations, able to fill in the gaps when a vendor doesn't have enough feet on the street, which is especially important for small- and medium-sized companies. The most proficient resellers are able to walk you all the way through a project, from product choice to design, implementation and ongoing maintenance. In this special report, gain insight on storage resellers, including what they can bring to your organization, what you'll give up to use one, how to choose the right reseller and how to manage that relationship.

Storage solution providers: Their pros and cons, and how to manage them
Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of working with a storage reseller, how to develop a shortlist of potential storage solution providers, how to choose the right one and how to manage your relationship with that reseller.

Dealing with data storage resellers: Top 10 tips
While a data storage reseller should make your life easier, that doesn't mean you don't have to work at the relationship. There are important considerations when you're choosing one for a particular project or as your go-to solution provider, and points to watch for when a reseller is working for you. Hamish Macarthur, founder of analyst organisation Macarthur Stroud International, identifies the top 10 tips for selecting and managing a data storage reseller partner.

Podcast: Trust is key in reseller relationship
In this podcast interview, Bureau Chief Antony Adshead speaks with Andrew Buss, service director at analyst and consulting firm Freeform Dynamics, to learn what selection criteria should be applied when choosing a storage reseller, as well as the best way to get good support once that reseller relationship has been established.

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