Email archiving primer: Benefits and implementation tips

Learn about the benefits and potential pitfalls of email archiving technology, best practices for selecting an email archiving product and user implementation tips.

Email archiving technology has seen a boost in adoption in recent years in response to the increasing need to store business-critical email data for e-discovery and compliance reasons. An effective email archiving strategy can also reduce the data storage burden on email systems, which are now the primary source of business communication in nearly every organisation. has compiled our most recent information on email archiving technology for a closer look at this market. We outline the benefits and potential pitfalls of this technology, best practices for selecting an email archiving product and user implementation tips.

UK users say data sprawl and compliance drive need for email archiving
Antony Adshead spoke with attendees of our free Storage Decisions UK Email and File Archiving Seminar in London about their email archiving initiatives. According to many UK users, email archiving technology purchases are being driven by increasing email data volumes and the need to meet legal compliance standards.

Email archiving market matures
With the need for organisations to ensure that the valuable information contained in emails is kept, searchable and doesn't overwhelm storage resources, the email archiving market has seen a noticeable uptick in recent years. The release of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 could also have a significant impact on the market.

UK users turn to email archiving for e-discovery, auditing and backup help
Email archiving is helping UK users deal with e-discovery and backup, auditing concerns and increased mailbox performance. Find out why data centre managers at Brunel University, London taxi firm Addison Lee and high-tech PR agency Johnson King implemented email archiving systems, discover their implementation tips and learn how the technology benefitted each firm.

Email archiving for storage managers
Securing any application containing business-critical data is crucial. In this podcast, Antony Adshead discusses email archiving with Anthony Dickinson, principle consultant at GlassHouse Technologies in the UK. Dickinson touches on the storage aspects of email archiving, how an email archiving system works, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of this technology.

Email archiving needs soar as e-discovery requests rise
IT organizations that purchase email archiving products chiefly to address storage management headaches often also wind up seeking additional tools or add-on modules to respond to litigation-related demands. As a result, the email archiving vendor landscape is evolving so vendors can compete on reporting tools, data classification capabilities and search functions.

Three tips for ensuring a user-friendly email archiving system
As companies look to archive their user's emails, finding an archiving product that fits your company's needs can be a time-consuming process. While cost is always a consideration when selecting any new technology, a user-friendly email archiving system must also be given strong consideration.

Lagan Construction implements Mimosa Systems' NearPoint for email archiving and legal compliance
Lagan Construction implemented Mimosa Systems' NearPoint email archiving product after a chaotic email situation threatened to cost the Ireland-based business millions in lost contracts. Lagan's deployment of NearPoint -- which is estimated to pay for itself within a month in terms of staff time saved – allows the organisation to manage email mailboxes, increase search capability and track legal compliance record of work won.

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