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Top 10 HR and training technology stories in 2017

Advances in artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud technology are changing the relationship between companies and their employees

The HR department was once seen as an after-thought in most companies’ IT strategies. Today it is moving to centre stage, as advances in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and data analytics are promising to change the way companies work – for the better.

Many companies are at a transition stage. They are continuing to move from on-premise HR systems into cloud services provided by the big three suppliers, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday and Oracle. For some it is a matter of lifting and shifting their existing HR processes, but the smart companies are taking the opportunity to rethink what they want from HR.

1. Employees will book time off using Alexa-style devices

Voice recognition and artificial intelligence will take the drudgery out of HR, but CIOs need to help their HR team develop a long-term strategy.

2. Centrica eliminates more than 20 IT systems after replacing SAP with cloud HR technology

Energy and services company Centrica is claiming major savings in its technology costs after replacing its outdated SAP human resources (HR) systems with cloud-based technology.

3. Virtual reality simulation helps KLM engineers escape in an emergency

Airline KLM is using a virtual reality computer game to train 300 engineers how to safely evacuate an aircraft maintenance hangar in the event of a fire or other emergency.

4. Chatbots, Fitbits and AI: IT suppliers identify the top trends in HR technology

Businesses are using Fitbits, artificial intelligence and chatbots to improve working life as competition increases to recruit talented ‘millennials’.

5. Expanding business intelligence firm uses technology to bring in recruits

How can an expanding company use technology to recruit and retain talented staff when faced with competition from larger, better-resourced, better-known organisations? Chester-based GBG has saved £300,000 in recruitment costs and seen its ‘Glassdoor’ ratings jump from 1.9 to 4.2 out of 5.

6. Airbus saves millions after building a digital learning library

Airbus has created a digital learning library that is helping more than 100,000 staff in 35 countries keep their skills updated.

7. Private Swiss bank Julius Baer to save $1m a year with cloud HR

Private Swiss bank Julius Baer predicts efficiency savings of up to $1m a year after replacing the IT systems used to manage its global workforce with a cloud-based service.

8. Hovis boosts job applications after HR tech roll-out

Baking and flour milling group Hovis has reported an increase in the number and quality of people applying for jobs after deploying company-wide HR and recruitment software.

9. Transformation agenda in HR tech ‘is gathering pace’

Digital transformation and workforce changes are reshaping the HR agenda in Europe at a faster pace than ever, with change accelerating in recent months – and the trend is expected to continue.

10. Carglass France feels benefit of employee knowledge sharing

Carglass France, part of glass repair business Belron International, claims to have improved the speed that employees find information by a fifth, after rolling out knowledge-sharing technology.

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