Finnish energy company Helen outsources its basic IT services

The energy company is the latest Nordic organisation to outsource IT services to enable it to focus on the business

Finnish energy provider Helen is shifting its internal IT focus away from support following a new outsourcing deal with Finnish telecoms and IT provider Elisa, which will handle the company’s basic IT services.

The IT that runs the business is now in the hands of a single supplier rather than a mix of in-house and various suppliers.

“We wanted to concentrate these services with one supplier that offers infrastructure and user services as a complete service,” Timo Tolska, CIO at Helen, told Computer Weekly. “Previously, our IT services have been produced internally and in collaboration with several suppliers.”

As part of the new agreement, Elisa takes responsibility for Helen’s workstation and user support services, server operations, capacity and machine services, local area network capacity, and maintenance services, as well as other support services. In addition, 13 of Helen’s IT experts will transfer to Elisa under their current employment terms. This move will come into effect in October 2017.

The outsourcing decision is part of Helen’s efforts to shift its internal IT focus to business development and supplier management. This will be the task of the energy provider’s own IT team of about 50 people.

Tolska said the business will be better supported working with a single supplier with clear responsibilities across the entire service chain. Helen serves almost 400,000 customers across Finland, with electricity and heating.

Elisa won the outsourcing contract, the value of which has not been disclosed, through a public tender process. Helen expects the transition of its infrastructure and support services to Elisa to be concluded in early 2018.

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The news follows another major IT outsourcing deal in Finland where industrial technology company Valmet is moving 38 employees to CGI as part of a €38m agreement.

The moves are part of a wider trend. In the latest Nordic IT outsourcing study, 75% of the respondents said they would continue to outsource at the same rate or more in 2017, while 44% had plans to increase outsourcing. Finland had the highest share of companies (45%) planning to outsource more.

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