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Tech industry big guns unite to create crash-free IT services and systems

Some of the tech industry's biggest names have come together to create the Zero Outage Industry Standards Association to help improve the uptime of IT systems and services

The Zero Outage Industry Standard Association (ZOISA), which counts Dell-EMC, IBM, NetApp, SAP and T-Systems as founding members, has released further details of the work it is doing to help minimise the risk of users suffering from IT service outages.

The firms are among a troop of large IT suppliers looking to create an IT standard to help users confidently make use of systems and services that are less likely to be affected by crashes and outages.

“Digitisation is in full swing: machines communicate with each other, processes are becoming more efficient and automation is an integral part of the process. But this can only work if the IT behind it runs smoothly,” said ZIOSA in a statement.

“A failure, even for a few minutes, can have fatal consequences. If production bands are stopped due to IT problems, companies are threatened with image losses and costs of millions.”

The industry association launched in November 2016, with its board members set to meet on 22 December to hammer out further details of how to go about achieving its goals.

To date, these include kick-starting an industry-wide debate about how to ensure cloud users enjoy uninterrupted access to services, before working towards the creation of standards that suppliers can use to demonstrate their ability to deliver a stable IT environment.

“We need to standardise the quality of IT platforms, people, processes and security throughout the whole life cycle. Doing this, companies will be able to minimise errors, increase availability, ensure security and operate cost-effectively,” they said.

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In the meantime, the group is now focusing its efforts on creating a series of guidelines that will contribute to shaping the final standard, with a view to publishing details of them in the coming weeks.  

Stephan Kasulke, senior vice-president of global quality at IT service provider T-Systems, has taken on the role of chairman at ZOISA, and said its work is essential to ensure the infrastructure and networks users are increasingly coming to rely on are fit for purpose.

“As an organisation’s IT infrastructure can involve a complex ecosystem of technologies from a variety of vendors, there are often differing levels of service level agreements in place which can lead to critical defaults and security issues,” he said.

“This is the start of a long journey towards a stable telecoms, IT and internet of things.”

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