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Top 10 Asean enterprise IT stories of 2016

The 10 most popular Asean articles of 2016

Southeast Asia is a hotbed of the digital revolution crossing the globe like wildfire. Countries in the Asean economic group find themselves on the front line when it comes to adopting the latest technology.

Fast-growing economies underpinned by young, urban and tech-savvy populations are driving change in enterprises. In terms of digital, organisations in the developing region are often leading the way for their counterparts in more developed regions.

IT and Asia is often associated with the Indian and Chinese economies, but neighbouring Asean countries, from Singapore to Myanmar, are arguably the ones to watch.

Here are 10 of the most popular Asean-focused articles on Computer Weekly in 2016.

1. Tech-savvy Asean populations shake up enterprise IT, says AIA CTO

A young, urban and tech-savvy population in the Asean region has forced enterprises to rethink their IT strategies.

2. Interest in converged platforms grows in Southeast Asia

The adoption of converged and hyper-converged infrastructures in Southeast Asia is in its early stages, but growth is expected.

3. Ageas moves into Philippines cloud platform for insurers

Insurer Ageas adopted an end-to-end insurance business suite in the cloud when it wanted to expand into the Philippines.

4. Singapore: a nation united on its digital future

Singapore is setting itself to be a leader in the digital age, with a reorganised government department the protagonist.

5. Thai firm chooses flash storage to speed up supply chain

Thailand-based SiS Distribution has adopted flash storage technology to improve internal processes and customer services.

6. DHL Asia-Pacific Innovation Centre incubates future logistics technology

DHL’s innovation centre in Singapore is trying out the future logistics technologies it plans to introduce across its Asian business.

7. How BI can improve healthcare in Asean

The Asean region is developing fast and lifestyles are changing, but healthcare services are not keeping pace and the sector will be stretched.

8. Philippines government data breach is a warning to Asean region

Security is a rising concern in the Asean region, with fears fuelled by incidents such as the recent hacking incident in Manila.

9. Thailand’s TMB Bank modernises IT through the cloud

Thailand’s TMB Bank’s legacy IT system was holding it back from being responsive to the demands of its customers and staff – so it set a course for the cloud to sharpen its focus on banking in the digital age.

10. SMEs are the Achilles heel for Asean security

Small to medium-sized enterprises in the Asean region will be gateways to large enterprises for cyber criminals unless they improve their security.

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